Eyewitnesses to the shooting report that Brown was killed while attempting to surrender, but police say that Brown assaulted the officer before the shooting.”

What is the word “but” doing in that sentence???????

Imagine a world where the above sentence read: “Eyewitnesses to the shooting report that Brown was killed while attempting to surrender.  Police say that Brown assaulted the officer before the shooting, and all over the country elected officials, law enforcement, and the general public react with shock that anyone would attempt to offer that as a justification for repeatedly shooting an unnamed teenager in the back.

In a blinding flash of inspiration, the other day I realized that ‘interactive’ anything is the wrong word. Interactive makes you imagine people sitting with their hands on controls, some kind of gamelike thing. The right word is ‘unfinished.’ Think of cultural products, or art works, or the people who use them even, as being unfinished. Permanently unfinished.
Brian Eno

Sometimes it feels like I dumb down these things a little too much, but tumblr is a visual medium (and this way is funnier)

Poor sad future Harry….
Ask a professional

Jack Paar’s advice to a young Dick Cavett: “Kid, don’t make it an interview. Interviews have clipboards, and you’re like David Frost. Make it a conversation.”

Ok, cleaning I get.  And maybe “detailing” makes sense as some sorta metaphor? But what sort of building am I supposed to be doing with q-tips?

Ok, cleaning I get.  And maybe “detailing” makes sense as some sorta metaphor? But what sort of building am I supposed to be doing with q-tips?



What kind of media are we looking at, when we worry about misogyny?

Belle originally got thrown in a dungeon and refused to let her dine with him after she refuses the first night. She nurses his wounds after he saves her from the wolves which is when he starts falling in love with her. It wasn’t just her looks he fell for it was also her heart. Ariel had dreams of going on the land because she was curious of their life and didn’t like her life before she ever saw Prince Eric. Prince Charming didn’t even remember what Cinderella looked like so obviously he didn’t love her just for the looks. They must have had some great conversations that night. Just because these women are portrayed as beautiful doesn’t mean that’s all they have going for them.

this is a test question just waiting to happen.  Key word is hegemony, or maybe just…

The announcement concludes: "Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue, and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us."


To be clear, these spreadsheet bros are not rapists. But they are echoing (or at the very least, making light of) the same kind of rhetoric that’s been used to legitimate various forms of assault. Entitlement to women’s bodies is one peg in the cycle of abuse. Whether it’s the Santa Barbara shooter who went on a shooting spree to “punish” every girl who has “never been attracted” to him, or the insidious, so-called Pick Up Artists who proclaim that violence against women could be averted if men learned how to seduce women properly, the refrain is always the same: Men need and, more importantly, deserve sex, primarily because they are men.”

"Telling my child he’s white also won’t help him understand why children who were less than one-quarter Japanese were interned during World War II; why a stranger would look at him and say there are no “pure races” anymore; why a leading theatre company in our city unabashedly staged a yellowface production of an operetta; why kids on the playground pull back their eyes in a slant and spit out one of those ridiculous anti-Asian chants that just won’t go away. When I tell my son that he is Asian, mixed-race, multiracial, and a person of color, I’m not denying him parts of his ancestral-ethnic heritage. I’m teaching him about the race politics that intrude upon our lives whether we want them to or not. I’m preparing him to exist in a world that obstinately persists in being racially divided. And I’m trying to let him know something about the ways he has and will continue to be judged throughout his life, not because he’s white — but because he’s mixed with color. "

Cyborgs and Goddesses?

I think the first responsibility is to acknowledge that there is power in those images, that there is power in advertising, magazine covers, that there is power in that and that there is thought to that, that there are people who’ve dedicated their lives to understanding how people will have an emotional, intellectual response to an image, to a sound, to a voice. That is what they have studied, and that his what they’re getting paid six-figure salaries to do, if not seven figures. And that to then pretend that all that knowledge means nothing, that they are servants of the people and only reflecting back what people want is utterly ridiculous.
Douglas Kearney from Dark Girls (via socio-logic)